Recent Testimonials

Docla Boylen
Our first session was incredible. We (my husband and I, both co-business owners) walked away with “OMG – this is why you do that!” This is a must for any couples that work together. With Jennifer’s help, we are redefining both our marriage and business relationship to best fit our individual strengths. I wish I would have done this 3 years ago!
Soley Maria
I have worked with Jen a few times on business coaching and consulting, and her attention to detail, quick replies, as well as her wonderful personality and vast experience makes me highly recommend her for all your business needs!
Kari Cook
Jen is amazing! She brough real solutions and advice to the table in just one hour session! She is no fluff and ALL VALUE! Highly recommend.
Robin N Brandon Dees
Excellent customer service!
Tom Williams
Jennifer is thorough and passionate about her work and the clients she serves. Following our first few interactions, it became clear that this is someone who is in your corner from the onset with the goal of identifying your strengths and weaknesses so that there is an understanding of how to grow and succeed based on your individual parameters. By doing so, you’re able to step back and take a high level view of your personality traits and grasp why some things may work for you and why others do not.
Stephanie H
Looking for a leadership coach in Denver? Jen Bilger is an extraordinary coach. She is a strong, confident, and knowledgeable individual who encourages those she coaches to step out of their comfort zone and try new or different ideas. She is also able to help people find their own “why” and she has quite an amazing ability to ask the right questions to help people get to the root cause of an issue and coach them towards a better direction or outcome. She is motivating and energetic and I highly recommend her to those who want to increase personal and/or professional productivity, profitability, and presence.
Lisha Proudfoot
Jennifer is one of the most honest coaches and hard working entrepreneurs that I’ve had the pleasure to work with and coach. She is very creative, innovative and forward thinking. Jennifer’s work ethic along with her creative thinking makes for an excellent business coach and HR Professional. I have sought Jennifer’s expertise for one of my fellow business professionals for her guidance through a small business HR complication. I highly recommend Jennifer as a business coach.
Kelly Hollins
Whether you have an idea for a business or need help getting unstuck, Jennifer Bilger, CBC, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is great at looking at the BIG picture and putting pieces together. She’s been a great business coach and has helped to sharpen my professional skills. Definitely contact her today for any help!
Nick Lawson
Jen is a fantastic coach for business development, personal goal-setting, and professional skills training. I valued every minute I was lucky enough to spend with her, and look forward to attending Growth Coach events in the future!

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