Our Philosophy

You deserve to optimize your business, life, & self!

Given the busy, ever-changing, fast-paced, uncertain, pressurized environment in which we all operate, short-term business considerations and pressures tend to consume most of our time, energy, and focus.

The future, some relationships, professional development, and life itself, tend to receive whatever time, energy, and resources are “left over” after addressing short-term business demands.

This results in sub-optimized business and life performance, results, and value, including higher business and life risk and stress.

Since you can’t afford to “land the plane” very often to improve it, The Growth Coach provides high impact/low time investment coaching solutions that enable you to gradually improve and build capacity while you are flying the plane.

The Growth Coach DIFFERENCE

This is accomplished by focusing on immediate, gradual, ongoing improvement of your effectiveness as an executive/manager, which improves your, and others’, efficiency and productivity.  The resultant capacity gains are reinvested in more strategic/impactful areas such as the future, relationships, and life.

Re-investment in high-impact areas perpetuates the cycle of increased effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity, yielding even more capacity to reinvest in the same impactful manner.  This process builds a “Virtuous Growth Cycle” that continues beyond the coaching process and furthers the already-high ROI that the coaching process yields.

The coaching emphasis is on applying improvements co-discovered during the coaching process, through continuously improving behavior patterns that do not require additional time commitments and become ingrained over time.

Most of the behavioral improvements carry into clients’ personal lives, providing further benefits, and deeper mastery from the increased repetition of the improvement.

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