Why The Growth Coach, Tim Shepelak

The Growth Coach DIFFERENCE

The Growth Coach provides High Impact/Low Time Investment Coaching processes and programs that:

  • Optimize Business, Life, & Self
  • Continuously Improve Performance, Capacity, and Results
  • Reward Participants with a High ROI and Reduced Risk

The coaching process builds a “Virtuous Growth Cycle” that continues beyond the coaching experience and furthers the already-high ROI.

The coaching emphasis is on applying improvements co-discovered during the coaching process, through continuously improving behavior patterns that do not require additional time commitments and become ingrained over time.

Most of the behavioral improvements carry into clients’ personal lives, providing further benefits, and deeper mastery from the increased repetition of the improvement.

Coaching Impacts

The impacts on business, life, and self translate to business, life, and self growth, increased value, optimization, and impact, including greater fulfillment and significance, better relationships, and less stress and risk.

Clients become better leaders, managers, teammates, spouses, parents, and friends.

The resulting ROI is very high, tangibly and intangibly, and the lower risk in business and life is incalculably beneficial.

Coaching Applications

Clients of The Growth Coach are Individuals & Teams of:

  • Business Owners
  • Executives & Managers
  • Professionals

Within an organization, coaching has been successfully applied at all executive and managerial levels and functions, with individuals and teams, heir apparents, the newly promoted, and high potentials.

Reasons To Partner With The Growth Coach

  • World-class, best-practice-based reusable tools and models are immediately applicable to improve effectiveness and build the “Virtuous Growth Cycle” described earlier.
  • Continuous improvement coaching methodology catalyzes immediate, gradual, ongoing, sustainable improvement with a leveraged impact and quicker ROI.
  • Integrated coaching process impacts business, life, and self performance, results, and capacity, yielding integrated optimization.
  • 20-year veteran, double-certified coach with CEO and acquisition experience and diverse clients in most market and functional sectors catalyzes relevant, applicable, significant client improvements and is a renewable resource for his clients.
  • Multiple, and customizable, individual and group coaching options provide an ongoing, convenient, relationship-building coaching resource.
  • The Growth Coach is part of a global coaching organization that continuously improves its Intellectual Property and coaching methodologies, to provide highly impactful resources and results for its clients.

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