Optimizing Salesperson Capacity, Performance, and Results

How can we improve our sales team’s results?

By improving the capacity and productivity of our existing salespeople, we can grow sales without the risk and expense of replacing the ones we have.  The good news is that we don’t have to improve them by much to get a great ROI and significantly improve sales. Why?

We must embrace the leverage of behavioral improvement.

The key is that each salesperson must discover, embrace, and improve a few key behavior patterns and continuously improve on those improvements.

The bad news is that they probably won’t do this on their own.  Most of us wouldn’t.

Fortunately, The Growth Coach has been effectively catalyzing behavior and mindset improvements in salespeople and other types of professionals for nineteen years.  We have the coaching methodology, practical experience, and tools to help your team.

What’s different than sales training programs, reading books, or the sales manager  “coaching” them?

Professional coaching is designed to impact performance, results, and capacity through targeted mindset and behavior improvements.  Unless they are truly coached by a certified, professional coach, they will not convert what they learn conceptually to consistent, everyday behavior improvements that are sustainable and impactful.

Most salespeople have the conceptual understanding and skills to do their jobs effectively.  To reach their next level of performance, results, and capacity, they must improve behaviorally.

This need for behavioral improvement is exacerbated by the ever-changing world in which we operate.  What used to work may not work as well anymore.

The Sales Mastery Program – Customized and Individualized

Every salesperson is unique and your company’s sales model and environment is different from others.  So, customization is part of the coaching program design.

The Growth Coach will partner with you to design the best sales coaching program for your team and the individuals that comprise it.

  • The Growth Coach’s coaching process enables each person to discover their key behavior improvement opportunities and how to apply them in a continuous improvement manner, to assure ongoing progress.
  • Highly visual reusable tools and models provide easy-to-digest best-practice-based tools that can be readily applied to improve sales conversations, relationships, and salesperson effectiveness.
  • Experiences are shared and leveraged, to more quickly fuel progress and customize application.

Team-Based Coaching Format and/or One-on-One Coaching

Your successful salespeople need to improve just as the less successful ones do, for your company’s benefit and their benefit.  If not, they eventually go backward in performance and results, as anyone would.

Your less experienced salespeople probably have not developed the right habits, so they clearly need to improve.

This program can be accomplished in a team-coaching format, supplemented by one-on-one coaching or through one-on-one coaching.

The experience-leveraging and efficiencies gained through a team approach, supplemented by one-on-one coaching, has proven to be the most effective.  It also builds the team.

In any case, we can benefit from the wisdom of writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who said:

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough. We must do.


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