Radio Interviews with Tim

Tim explains what coaching is and why clients invest in coaching.

Tim reveals his “secret sauce” for helping his clients to improve their ongoing performance and results.

Tim shares how coaching provides a very high ROI and how to choose a coach that can deliver ROI and reduce risk.

Tim shares several key areas that leaders and managers need to improve in order to optimize their organization’s ongoing performance and results.

Video Testimonials

Watch these videos to understand the impact of The Growth Coach’s Continuous Improvement Program.

Video ThumbnailDan Cronican

Managing Partner Builds Executive & Organizational Capacity

Video ThumbnailLaura Tiller Testimonial - vimeo Video

VP of Operations & HR Sees Impact of Executive & Organizational Growth

Video ThumbnailDan Schroer Interview - vimeo Video

Business Owner Utilizes Leverage to Grow Company and Life Value

Video ThumbnailRandy Broyles - vimeo Video

Rising Executive Leverages Program to Grow Company & Career

Video ThumbnailTestimonial Video

Business Owner Becomes More Strategic & Impactful

Video ThumbnailMiami Corporation Testimonial.mp4 - youtube Video

4th Generation Business Owners Reduce Debt thru Growth

Video ThumbnailThe Growth Coach | Kent Howard Testimonial - youtube Video

North American CEO Achieves Balance & Record Profit

Video ThumbnailThe Growth Coach Cincinnati: Tom Pappas Interview - vimeo Video

Continuous Improvement Program Retools & Refreshes Veteran Executive

Video ThumbnailGrowth Coach Testimonial | Nonprofit's CEO benefits from coaching - youtube Video

Non-Profit CEO’s Organization & Life Profit from Coaching

Video ThumbnailMcHale's Catering Video Testimonial - youtube Video

Hospitality Business Owner Welcomes Reduced Hours & Business Growth

Video ThumbnailDave Carlin Interview - vimeo Video

President Develops Strategic Mindset to Scale Business & Enrich Life

Video ThumbnailCoaching Program for Team Improves Auto Dealer's Results - youtube Video

Continuous Improvement Program for Team Improves Results & Culture

Video Thumbnail00 GC Video - Kerri Richardson.wmv - youtube Video

Team Coaching Bridges Cultural Gap

Video ThumbnailBusiness Coaching Success Story - Growth Coach Client, Kevin Rains - youtube Video

Company Owner Frees Himself from Business & Reinvests in Life

Video Thumbnail00 GC - Video - Brian Malthouse.wmv - youtube Video

Continuous Improvement Program Prepares New CEO

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