Recent Testimonials

J.C. Partner
James is a fantastic business coach. He can quickly assess a company and help develop a
practical and extremely effective action plan for improving processes as well as
increasing bottom line revenues. I highly recommend him!
A.G. Owner/Creative Director
WOW! James is so easy to speak with and is honest. He really just gets it. In a short time
James encouraged me to know my value, know my numbers, and be all around a better
business owner. Worth every penny to step away from the office to set goals, reach my
goals and keep growing.
T.S. Founder
James brings accountability and exuberance to my small business planning! Who knew
business planning could be fun?! He helps me through small and big challenges of being
a small business owner. When I feel like I am about to stumble, I know James will listen
intently and help me stay steady. I love my business more and more each day because of
James’ coaching!
P.S. Risk Consultant
James has added meaningful value to our team and how we approach our sales process.
Through his program, we have experienced measurable progress toward our individual
revenue goals, as well as team alignment. James delivers a powerful mix of a proven
process and practical experience that you can confidently apply to your own practice.
R.R. Senior Mortgage Consultant
James draws on his knowledge and experience to build on a proven process to generate
tangible results. Participants in our coaching group have received the tools and time to
refine their business plans. They’ve recognized and enhanced actions that maximize core
competencies to achieve individually identified goals and better serve clients. After six
months of group coaching and one-on-one meetings, our office experienced an 11%
market share Quarter over Quarter growth. This has been a direct result of their
involvement with James and his process. Working with James has been a pleasurable and
profitable experience – well worth the investment.
K.K. Broker/Realtor
James is a true professional. He guides me with direct and on-point – but gentle –
feedback, he has terrific suggestions for my business, he provides sound advice, and he
does it all with finesse and a caring attitude. James has helped me elevate to become a
more strategic business owner, and he has worked with me to focus on activities and
strategies that will help my business grow… and on activities that also (importantly) will
help me achieve that ever-elusive work/life balance! I thank you, James!!!
L.H. Owner/Trainer
James is a must for any business person. He is quite simply, amazing. If you are even
thinking of a coach, call him and have a conversation. James is superior at explaining and
guiding. He helps YOU make the decisions. I knew I could learn what to do with my
business. I was on every coaches list. I read the newsletters, books and blogs. I listened to
every webinar. I was wasting my time as I could not learn all I needed to know on my
own. Who do I go to with questions?! James has me thinking like a true business owner!
M.S. Account Executive
James has greatly contributed to my success as a sales professional in my industry and
has done so passionately. He is truly a coach who cares deeply about the success of his
clients and I absolutely owe my first-time achievement of President’s Club to his
C.W. Vice President
There is no shortage of books, materials, and workshops geared towards business
professionals. The key is taking the knowledge and experiences and putting them into
practice. James is one of the best coaches that I have worked with at helping others
actually implement the practices they have learned. James is highly knowledgeable and
professional, but more importantly, possesses the right amount of guidance and followthrough to help career oriented individuals meet their goals. I highly recommend James.
M.R. Senior Manager
I have been through many coaching seminars, and I can say that James ranks up there
with the best. As a business professional I am always looking to strengthen my skills and
improve upon my weaknesses. Being able to reach out to James for continuous advice
and support helps keeps me focused on my long and short-term goals both personally and
professionally. I highly recommend James.


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