30 Aug 2012

Think about the last time you started a new project, learned to play an instrument or gained a new skill. Did you ever find yourself frustrated with your progress? If you decide to pick up painting, you’re bound to compare yourself to great painters and artists. When you learn a new language, of course you’re going to look at native speakers as a reference. That frustration comes because...

07 Jun 2010

Business owner, as your virtual business coach, I formally give you permission to stop doing tasks you dislike doing... and probably stink at doing. Most people wouldn't think this was necessary but both of us know better.  Entrepreneurs around the world are caught in a vicious, habitual cycle of doing tasks and roles they dislike and that annoy them, frustrate them, and drain the...

03 Jun 2010

As a business coach, I have always helped entrepreneurs to stop dwelling on the past, stop obsessing about problems, and start focusing on solutions.  This lingering weak economy should be no different. For all of us, it's time to get beyond the whining, complaining, excuses, negativity, and worrying.  It’s time to stop playing defense and go back on the offense.  Time to “play to w...

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