22 Sep 2019

Set the Stage (and your Desk) for Success

Everyone’s preferences for a work space are different but, whether you’re in a cube farm or working from a home office, having your desk set up in a way that works for you is an important part of your ability to work effectively and efficiently. While you don’t always have total control of the space where you work, there are a few ways you can turn any desk into a power desk…

Save the Prime Real Estate

Regardless of the shape, size or design of your desk, there are spots that are easier to see and reach than others. Take a few minutes to figure out which items on your desk you use most frequently and which are the most helpful. Even if it doesn’t seem like the best design choice, put those items in your prime real estate. For example, if you frequently use your calendar and your post-it notes, don’t hang your calendar behind you and tuck the sticky notes in a drawer. Just be sure not to make your most accessible spaces overly cluttered – that can be distracting.

Consider What Goes in Secondary Spaces

Now that the best spots on your desk are taken, look at the rest of the things you have on (and in) your desk. Which things can be further back on your desk or tucked into a drawer? Does your file storage need to be out in the open next to you? Or can it be in a drawer where it’s not distracting and cluttering your workspace?

Create Your Own Organizational System

If you are working at an office, you often start with the organizational tools you’re given – drawers, file trays, folders… but everyone’s minds work differently. While these tools might be perfect for you, they also might not be. Being organized is an important part of being a leader, but you’ll need to find a system and tools that work for you and that might take time. Also, if you have an overwhelming week, take 20 minutes at the end of the week to get your files and paperwork organized so you can start the next week fresh. No one wants to come in to a desk that’s covered in last week’s stressors.

Decorate (or Don’t)

Everyone needs a different amount of visual stimulation to be happy and productive – some people want a blank, open space to avoid distractions while others need colorful art and family photos to keep them engaged. Think about what works for you and then do what you can to meet those needs. If you are a blank slate person, that might mean putting as much as you can into drawers and giving yourself lots of clean, open space. If you’re someone who needs more than that, consider what you’re able to do with your space and what makes sense for both your individual desk and your office building. Maybe a bright piece of art and a few family photos would help you feel more at home?

If you have a home office or you’re able to choose the furniture in your work office, it’s also important to consider what kind of furniture you and (and don’t) need. Don’t buy a credenza you’ll feel obligated to clutter up if that wall space would be where you’d want to hang your family photo.

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