22 Jul 2010

Business Owner, How’s Your Emotional Management?

To run a successful business, at a minimum, you need to be effective in multiple categories: self management (vision, goals, focus, priority management, personal responsibility, etc.), marketing/sales management (generating leads and closing sales), operations management (delivering on the promises made), people management (recruiting, leading and holding others accountable), money management (cash flow and profit management), and finally, emotional management (confronting and overcoming any limiting beliefs, fears, uncertainties and doubts).

Having been a CPA for seven years and a business coach for over eighteen years, I can say with confidence that of all the categories above, emotional management is the most critical area to master as all the other areas rely on a business owner being CONFIDENT and EMOTIONALLY TOGETHER. An owner’s steadfast vision, confidence and positive attitude are vital assets.

We at The Growth Coach help several thousand small business clients each year achieve greater success and balance in their lives…to work less, earn more, and enjoy richer lives.  While we clearly help them with business management, the real value is that we help them with the emotional management as business owners. We provide them with additional confidence, hope, clarity, support, and accountability to stay on track and reach their goals. For Growth Coach clients, we help them clear their heads of negative baggage, limiting beliefs, costly assumptions, fears, uncertainties, and doubts … anything that sabotages greater success and fulfillment.  Bottom line, as business coaches, we help our clients slay any mental dragons holding them back.

As a Growth Coach, I know with certainty that EVERY entrepreneur, business owner, and self-employed professional from time to time struggles with emotional management and keeping everything together.  As you well know, running a business can be similar to riding on a roller coaster … many up’s, down’s, twists, and turns.  While always exciting, owning and leading a business can take its toll.

Whether a new business owner or a veteran business owner, we ALL have FUDs (fears, uncertainties and doubts) and limiting beliefs that creep into our minds from time to time. For example, we may have a fear of failure or rejection.  Possibly a limiting belief about the economy, our competitors, or even our effectiveness as a leader.  We may feel alone or isolated.  Or, overworked and overwhelmed.  We may even feel like imposters or unworthy of our success.  What are your particular fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs? Whatever they are, if not properly acknowledged and corrected, these “dirty little secrets” can hold you back and sabotage your success … preventing you from doing what you know you should do when you should do it.

It’s not a matter of IF you have these limiting beliefs and fears, it’s a matter of do you know about them (awareness) and what are you willing to do about them (response).  In the end, I believe the only thing that can truly hold a business owner back is themselves … specifically their FUDs, limiting beliefs, negative mindsets, and negative self talk. If these negative emotions are not properly acknowledged, examined, confronted and neutralized (emotional management), they will prevent owners from realizing their dreams and goals.

Put simply, it’s our lack of emotional management that holds us back. Secrets we don’t want to admit to ourselves or others.  Secrets we may be ashamed of.  Secrets we ignore and deny.  Secrets that sabotage our success. If not properly addressed, these secrets will fester, grow in intensity, and become destructive mental demons.   Also, your fears, doubts, discomfort zone, and limiting beliefs will prevent you from doing the right things at the right time to get the right results. For example, a fear of rejection may prevent you from asking more prospects for their business.  If not confronted, that fear will hold you back big time!  What negative emotions are holding you back?

Ready to attack your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs head on?

Please face reality and confront your dirty and sabotaging little secrets today. Let your secrets out and let the healing begin.

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