10 Nov 2011

Becoming a Better Communicator – The Art of Persuasion


Persuasion is an important part of becoming a better communicator and becoming a better communicator is the key to gaining more success. It is defined as the process of enacting a change on another’s beliefs, attitudes or behaviors.

Persuasion is about articulation, not manipulation or coercion. A master of persuasion lets others draw conclusions on their own, which creates a good feeling for both parties.

Being able to persuade is a sign of a highly competent communicator. Improving your own communication skills can help you in both your business and personal life. To start, familiarize yourself with these simple elements of persuasive arguments from Robert Cialdini, professor of Psychology at ArizonaStateUniversity

  • Reciprocity – Give and ye shall receive. Give your clients a reason to want to give back.
  • Commitment– Give people a reason or incentive to commit. It’s much easier to continue making commitments once you’ve made the first one.
  • Social Norms – Let people see what your business has done for others. Knowing that you’ve worked with many different people builds trust.
  • Authority – Let people know about your qualifications and achievements. They will feel secure knowing that you’re an expert.
  • Liking – This one is simple. Just try to be friendly and personable. We are more likely to be persuaded by people we like.
  • Scarcity – Offering limited time deals can sometimes be a way to persuade. If people think they might miss out on a bargain, they will be more likely to act.

When attempting to make a sale, keep these elements in mind. Don’t try to force anyone into it, simply allow them to make the choice on their own. They’ll be more likely to commit to a deal and will feel more satisfied with your business as a result. Become a better communicator and watch your business grow.

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  1. Strong communication is absolutely essential to success as it not only allows management to make effective decisions in the presence of clear and understandable information, it allows those who impacted to clearly define what behavioral elements need to be adapted to successfully adopt the change as well.

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