19 Dec 2013

Balancing Life and Spending Time with Family

The holidays are notoriously tough for everyone, but especially so for business owners. There are busy days, days when the business is closed, times when you need to be off work, times when your employees need off and more. It’s easy to get wrapped up when you’re busy working, planning and running the business, but you have to slow down!

The holidays, regardless of your religion, are a time to step back and take time to focus on family and friends. How will you be spending your holidays? Have you figured out how to take the time off that you need while still running a successful business? For many owners, it’s all about having the right systems.

Business systems are an important part of creating and effective, efficient and profitable business. Many owners aren’t sure how to design a good business system or how to re-design the one they already have and that means the policies and procedures that allow for a well-organized and smoothly running business are often not in place. This can easily cause an “out of control” feeling. Focus on examining your business systems and making gradual improvements over time. Make sure to also find ways to pass small tasks onto other members of your business team. If your business is too owner-dependent, it can hold you back, especially during busy times and times when you want time off!

You can also free yourself from your business by improving your leadership and delegation skills. Many business owners forgo leadership for doer-ship because they know how they want things to be done and, as a result, end up micromanaging their staff. Instead of delegating tasks, they act like employees instead of owners. You need to make sure you have a business – not just a hectic job! Make sure you take the time to delegate small and unimportant tasks and work on trusting others. If you can ensure those smaller tasks to your staff and managers, you can avoid headaches and find more freedom.

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