Recent Testimonials

Jeremy Ratcliffe
Owner - Technique Flooring & Restoration
We operate a family owned and operated flooring company that has been in business since 1986. The business has always been successful but we always knew it could be better. About 3 years ago, I was in search of a business coach and one of my colleagues gave me Dean’s contact information. My business partner and I met with Dean for the first time and reviewed his strategic plan for elevating businesses like ours. As soon as we left the meeting we knew we had found the missing piece to our puzzle. Dean’s knowledge and expertise in the business field is unparalleled and has helped bring our business to new heights. Our business has nearly grown ten fold since we started working with Dean. If you are considering hiring a business coach, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Coach Dean!
John Mendoza
Owner - Trinity Steam Cleaning
I always thought no one knew my business like myself… We we’re doing good and have hired other coaches in the past but Dean not only explains and shows you how to do what you need to do but is down to earth and takes the time to actually help plan for your goals. He does not cookie cut it… we just looked at our end of the year numbers and have grown by 55%. Would definitely recommend him to someone who is trying to take their business to the next level!
Holly Moore
CEO - Maids and Moore
All smart business owners know that planning is the key to success, but The Growth Coach Strategic Mindset process coupled with the experience and knowledge of Coach Dean has been a major reason my business has done so well,” said Holly Moore, CEO of Maids and Moore.  “I started my business 7 years ago from a home office and 2 employees with under $100K in annual revenues.  I reached a point soon after where I wasn’t sure if I could make this residential/commercial cleaning business successful without further personal and family sacrifices.   Fortunately, I connected with The Growth Coach of Austin and quickly engaged in their two-year group plus individual coaching program and have been working with Coach Dean ever since.  Today I own a multi-million dollar enterprise with close to 50 employees in 3 locations in Texas.  And since I have systematized the business and moved from an employee to the CEO of the company, I have more time to enjoy my life and family.  Without a doubt, Coach Dean’s program helped me look at business and life with a completely strategic thought process that I, and even my employees, will benefit from forever.  The smartest investment I have ever made.
Walter Reaves
Texas Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney
When I first opened my law office many years ago I didn’t know anything about business. I thought all you needed to do was get good results and everything would take care of itself. Needless to say, that’s not how it works. I realized I needed some help, and reached out to Dean. He’s not the first coach I’ve sought out and used over the years, but he is the first one to give me some practical advice. He analyzed where I was at and what I needed, and developed a plan to address the deficiencies (which there were a lot of). He was great at identifying problems and coming up with solutions. Maybe most importantly, he provided the accountability we all need, along with a new perspective that is colored by years of experience. I definitely recommend him if you are looking for practical help to grow your business.
Laura Klein
Chief Financial Officer, Senior Account Manager - National Country Market Network of Magazines
I was a reluctant pupil of Coach Dean at first, but I had an opportunity that I couldn’t dismiss, and I needed professional help fast! I had a real problem being comfortable with presentation and speaking skills, and I hadn’t had a job interview in more than 20 years. I needed some polishing! And some courage! Coach Dean really helped me figure out my strengths and weaknesses and the best ways to use my strengths. He set me at ease about the public speaking discomfort and once I’d practiced several times, it really wasn’t all that bad. It was mostly in my head. We went through lots of exercises and he gave me a lot of tools to use immediately, and long term. What I really liked was the one on one aspect of the training. Also how tremendous is it for someone to be available to help you pretty much 24/7? Coach Dean was always available and prompt with following up. He was able to encourage me to push myself and expand my professionalism, and he’s very good at thinking outside the box and offering simple yet effective advice. I can’t tell you just how much Coach Dean helped me. When my big meeting came around and I had those presentations to do and then a job interview, I was a completely different person. I was calm, poised, thoughtful and confident and able to speak without my voice shaking or my face turning red. A major turning point in my professional career! I would recommend Coach Dean to anyone who is in need of a professional coach, he’s awesome.
John Williams
Owner and Casting Director - The Cast Station
I have experienced tremendous results from my work with Dean. He has delivered on every level that he thoroughly laid out from our initial meeting. If taking your business to the next level is your objective or just organizing the success that you have already created, I highly recommend Dean Bogues as your business coach.
Brian Kafenbaum
Managing Partner - Phoenix Data Security Inc.
Dean served as an advisor at a critical growth period for my cyber security consulting firm. His guidance enabled insightful decision making, during the launch of a new business venture. I recommend Dean’s services, they definitely helped us!
Mike Dailey
President / CEO - Fabworx Solutions
Dean has been a big help to me and to our company. Dean has done a great job of teaching us processes and methods for better company management and leadership. He knows his subject matter well and delivers it clearly. I highly recommend getting a business coach and equally highly recommend that it be Dean.
Josh Lasch
Vice President - The Steam Team
Dean does an amazing job of cutting through the clutter and finding what you really need to focus on to find the success you’re looking for as a business owner. Time and time again I have gone to Dean with a seemingly complex problem and have seen him systematically break down the issue and come up with smart and efficient solution. Having a executive coaching expert has been one of the best decisions I have made as a business owner. We’ve dramatically increased our organization’s efficiency and I’ve grown as an owner and learned how to work on my business and not in it. Dean is a great option for anyone that wants to take their leadership skills and business to the next level.
Dominic Mastrangelo
Owner - Net Solutions and Security
I just wanted to take a second and thank you for everything!   You honestly helped us in several ways and I wanted to verbalize some of them.
1) You helped guide us with organization and processes.
2) You helped us figure out important goals and the importance of formatting to set goals every 3 months.
3)  You helped us figure out what our problems are rather than assuming you knew everything about our problems.  You helped guide to figure out answers rather than spit out generic answers that could fit anything.
4)  You offered great coaching/real world experience and positive reinforcement to achieve our goals.
5)  You truly are a mentor/a coach and a professional.
I definitely appreciate everything.
Keith Wright
CEO - Sensatronics
Just wanted to send a quick note to say how much I enjoy working with you and your approach.  I’ve already learned so much and you know how to keep it fun while steering me towards better habits as a CEO.  I’ve been approached by coaches in the past but never took it a step further.  I’m not sure if that’s because I just wasn’t ready or I hadn’t met the right coach that I connected with or a combination of both.  But I’m having a blast and feel a lot more focused and enjoying the process of working to get better and getting things done through my team versus doing it all myself.
Ana Mrejeru, PhD
Associate Medical Writer - Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services
Dean was a great resource for my career switch, helping me to build confidence and stay motivated, and act fast and aggressively in achieving goals. He was available around the clock to help me troubleshoot, and he truly improved my interviewing and communication skills.
Richard Long
Director of Support - Pervasive Software, Inc.
Hello Dean,
It has been about a year since I last reached out to you.  I hope you are well.  I certainly think about you often.
I wanted to give you a little status on me.  I’ve been with Pervasive now for about 14 months.  As of tomorrow, I move from being a Sr Manager of Support to a Director of Support.
I think of many of the areas we covered when had our weekly meetings.  Many of those discussions, ideas have helped me with just being better at what I do, and more importantly, communicate what I do to the folks that matter most.  (mostly my boss and many of the stakeholders in the division).
I can tell you my manager is very pleased.  It was her that made the recommendation to promote me, and was approved during a time that little to no movement and new hires have been allowed (the company just got acquired).  This says a lot.
Attached is a powerpoint I presented in our Sales Kick-off last week to our sales executives and divisional leadership team.  This shows the changes and results I’ve made to the support team during my tenure.  It also shows a type of graph we worked on showing a historical trend and notates events that occurred during that trend.
I only had 5 minutes to present this…
Our GM said it was “awesome” and shared many of those stats in his report to the executive leadership team, including the CEO.  I also heard from many that this was the most valuable presentation during the kick-off.  My manager calls it my “A+ Report Card”!
I have also been presenting our goals and accomplishments on a regular basis, usually quarterly… to the sales and leadership team.
…so all in all Dean, I wanted to thank you.  I wanted you to know I have put what we talked about into action.  I also wanted to give you a success story of sorts, that you can use.
…but mostly to say thank you.
Serita Lacasse
Executive Director - Drive a Senior
As a non profit director, we usually only interact with other non profits, my board recommend Dean to help us look outside the box and gain insights on how to expand our donor base/volunteer services. Dean is great at bringing up ideas that are new and out of the box. He has helped me work different options to increase my fundraising and management skills. I feel that I have benefited and grown my non profit with his helpful suggestions.
Holly Moore
CEO - Maids and Moore
I could write a book about Coach Dean. He is truly an angel. All smart business owners know that planning is the key to success, but Dean helps you more than just planning. He has so much experience and knowledge and that is what makes him a great Coach. He is also a wonderful delightful person to be around. Those of you trying to decide if you need a business coach let me give you some of my stats. I started with Coach Dean from almost the very beginning. I had a home office and two employees. Two years later I have an office in town, an operations manager, 15 employees, and a thriving business. Without his coaching I would not be here, as fast, today! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. The price of his services is not an expense it’s an investment!!! “Those who think they know all, know nothing at all” ~ COACH DEAN
Adeline Rem
Owner - CHOCbite
I just completed the first quarter of the Strategic Mindset Program. It was an excellent vehicle to jump-start my sales efforts. The “facing reality” exercise enabled me to own up the fact that I have not been focusing as much as I need to on selling. The energy level of the day was excellent and I am definitely more focused on my business as a whole. I am looking forward to continuing the process.
I kind of thought that I didn’t need a business coach because I have owned so many businesses. I know how to run business. But Coach Dean has already, in three weeks, helped me to completely change my life. I have already referred him to two people.
Adeline Rem
Owner - CHOCbite Club
I had no idea how much value Dean was going to bring to me and my business.  He has been with me through every step of expansion and growth with my budding start up company.  He never ceases to surprise me with the wealth of knowledge and contacts that he has.  From big issues to small detail he has guided me to success.  He has even helped directly increase my revenue while increasing profits at the same time!  From a start up to a large company, Dean Bogues is an incredible asset.
Richard Long
Manager of Technical Support - BigCommerce
Dean is incredible to work with. An absolute professional. His knowledge and depth has really helped me step up my game and take hold of my leadership capabilities. He has gently pushed me out of my comfort zone and focused me on my challenges. I appreciate every moment working with him
Tom Ricoy
Global Account Executive - Bazaarvoice
While at ICS, Dean helped me an incredible amount by taking me through his Growth Coach workshop. The workshop allows you to spend a day in an environment with other business people evaluating your professional and personal life and aligning and improving them. This is a program I would recommend to anyone and it always yielded me great results. Dean specifically has a lot of experience in business and has also guided me one on one on professional and career challenges and is a great sounding board for thoughts and ideas. I highly recommend him to any business professional. Thank you Dean for all your help!
Jeremy David
Dean is a great coach because of his background in sales and management. Dean also has proven to be masterful at getting to the root of an issue and helping his clients find the best way to address it. Every great athlete – even those at the top of their game – have coaches and every business owner should consider working with Dean!

Video Testimonial

Garrett Salpeter
Owner - ARPwave Austin
Coach Dean offers a valuable, objective perspective that has helped me tremendously. He empowered me to select and achieve my highest priorities, and added creative insights that enabled me to grow my business. I highly recommend him as a coach.
Mark Eiland
Owner - BizBeFound
In the time I’ve worked with Dean Bogues as a business consultant he’s demonstrated a deep knowledge in business development and a personal commitment to the success of his clients. I’d highly recommend Dean to any business owner looking to hire a trusted coach and counsel.
Dag Nybo
Executive Coach to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs - BizCoachAustin
Dean is a highly experienced C level executive who decided to take his skills, talents and focus into the area of executive and entrepreneurial coaching. Dean is curious, seldom pushes, is extremely perceptive and sets a high bar for passion in any field. Dean and I facilitate workshops together and we compliment each other completely. Our clients find the workshops invigorating, thought provoking and often mention that they leave with a powerful new perspective that they would not have gotten from working with a single coach. Dean is fantastic at what he does… and I’m glad to know him.
Adeline Rem
Owner - ARTSYer
Dear Coach Dean, thank you SO much for your amazing coaching and support!! You are making an incredible difference in my business and my life!! I am very grateful!!  To decades of success together!
Marianna Felsman
Owner - BlueAir Heating and Air Conditioning
While I have only worked with Dean a few months I am very excited about the process. Dean is great at cutting through extraneous details and helping me to focus on important goals that I can accomplish in a stated time period. He is providing me with the accountability and structure I need to build my business. I feel confident that this will positively affect my bottom line and help me meet my goal of selling my business for retirement.
John Smith
Owner - Advanced Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.
Dean is a very focused individual with a win/win attitude. I rank Dean in the top tier of managers that I have worked for and appreciated his great coaching skills and ability to lead an organization through difficult situations.

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