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29 Apr 2021

Bold Leadership – Finding Common Ground

An effective leader in the current landscape of pandemic after-shock, social justice unrest, and heightened corporate scrutiny must excel in finding common ground. The best leaders are not only open to but are truly committed to learning new skills and thought processes to help bring people together. Just as shifts in growing a business require changes in skill sets, perspectives and mindset, leadership changes to create highly functioning and empowered teams require new skills and ways of thinking.

I am a big believer in the Cultural Mastery Model. The Six Stages of Cultural Mastery by Ricardo Gonzalez guides leaders to shift thinking and develop new skills to forge common ground. The Cultural Mastery course teaches leaders to truly embrace, empower, and celebrate what makes each of us who we are. From this place of endearment (far beyond simple tolerance), we can create vision together within our businesses, organizations, and communities.

Tackle Fear – As humans, our biggest obstacle is fear. We fear change: loss of security, power, money, freedom, and we fear the unknown. Many are afraid to take the risk of doing things differently. It can feel too risky to be the outlier willing to bring forth a new concept or set of skills. We are afraid of losing our identity, our voice, and our life. We are afraid to listen. Most of us, deep down, have a fear of not belonging, or being ridiculed or shunned. With instant communication and social media this effect feels more dangerous than ever.

“Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.” – Gloria Cloud

To serve a broader base of customers and employees and grow the bottom line, bold leaders must step out to lead – shake up the status-quo and try a new way of communicating, relating, and learning to bridge the gaps that divide.

I have spoken with a few leaders lately who privately shared their anger and fear about the mistaken idea that they must give up their own culture in order to learn about and embrace other cultures. Feelings of shame can interfere with collaborating and collectively creating vision. When we truly feel endearment for each other, we will improve organizations for customers and employees.

“The key is holding my own culture lightly enough that I can begin to open myself to another one.” – Adrian Bazemore

Next Steps: Action – Creating change without a healthy skill set and mindset will do more harm than good.

“A culturally unhealthy and unskilled person will naturally create a culturally unhealthy and unskilled environment.” – Ricardo Gonzalez

Change is always a step-by-step process that begins with the desire to change along with intention and commitment. Undoing or un-learning our limiting beliefs and singular perspectives requires a different mindset and new skills. The best leaders are willing to give up what is no longer serving the good of the organization or community as a whole.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

The Cultural Mastery courses and community provide the resources and support to learn and to change mindsets and skill sets for individuals, teams, and business leaders.

To learn more about Cultural Mastery programs, I invite you to check out the Cultural Mastery Community. Click here for an invitation to join for free and feel free to reach out to me for more information as well.

by Kim Ellet, CPC, CMCC

Kim Ellet is a Certified Professional Coach and a Cultural Mastery Certified Consultant. She uses her unique approach and experience to inspire leaders and organizations who are committed to continuous improvement and professional growth beyond the usual limits. Coach Kim is the owner of the Atlanta office of The Growth Coach and is available for executive coaching, team workshops, and speaking.

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