Recent Testimonials

Erin Zwigart
President - Georgia Crafted
Working with Kim has really shifted my overall mindset and allowed me to focus on the “BIG” picture for my business.
Steve E.
Practice Leader - Global Consulting Firm
My mindset has shifted. That has been the biggest thing I have seen in the group
coaching program. My new way of thinking is: ‘what’s the minimum I can directly
do to keep things going?’ That sounds like the opposite of what I should be thinking,
but it’s been really valuable realizing the importance of letting unimportant things
slide. It’s working — we’re 20% over our target numbers for the year. Instead of
doing the work myself, I’m more orchestrating that it gets done. I’m no longer
running projects and much of my team has moved up a level. I’ve also seen this new
way of thinking showing up in my personal life. Developing the discipline to do the
planning at work has made room for me to add a new morning workout routine
with some guys in the neighborhood. The Strategic Mindset program works and has
made a big difference for me and for my team.
John Varner
President - Sovereign Risk Solutions
Working with Kim helped us peel back the layers. Her probing questions and
insights helped us get to where we are now. It wasn’t always easy to look at the
reality of where we are as a company but we now have a much greater clarity about
where we are going than we’ve ever had in the history of the 12 years our company
has been in existence. The accountability process was instrumental in helping us
take responsibility for our growth and achieving our overall goals.
Susan Tillery
President/CEO - Paraklete Financial
I like the way Kim makes me think! Creativity, innovation and focus come forth
from each meeting. The changes that have occurred in the business and myself since
I began working with Kim have been remarkable.
Catherine Cattles
Today was helpful because it went to the pain points and distractions that prevent
me from focusing on goals.
Josh Rowan
MBP Consulting
Today’s session on People Management provided much clarity on issues that have
been hanging in the air.


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Planning and Goal Setting

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Client Success Stories

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Client Success Stories

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Helping Clients

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