23 Jan 2019

“Kondo” Your Business for a Prosperous New Year

One of organizing celebrity, Marie Kondo’s, tips is to clear out the clutter in your home or space. I’m going to apply this idea to business as well. Too often we make promises, plans, and resolutions for the new year, yet overlook the importance of first releasing the clutter: the physical, mental, and emotional stuff that builds up and bogs us down. This clutter gets in the way of growth.

I’m in the midst of preparing to sell my house – my family home of almost 20 years – to make room for the next amazing chapter of my life. My first project is my office and releasing the many layers of accumulation – business and personal. First the paper. I am going through and letting go of what is no longer needed and boxing up the archives to get the must-keep records out of my daily space. I am reading through client thank-you’s as well as files of “lessons-learned.” Releasing the mental and emotional stuff creates room for new projects, new ideas, and new business. The clear space feels lighter and allows room for more creativity and productivity to flow. I recommend this step before moving into planning for the new year.

Next, with some breathing room, you can begin your 2019 Plan or your first-quarter strategy of new programs, new marketing ideas, and most importantly, new business! You can also release any old stories holding you back; that fear, doubt, and worry that creeps in and distracts.

Take a look at what physical, mental, or emotional clutter needs to be released. Sit with those things. Appreciate the role they have played in your business and the lessons you have learned, but then let them go. When you have created space and are ready to replace the old clutter with a new vision, I have some spots available for Full-day or Half-day Planning Sessions to powerfully kick-off the new year.

by Kim Ellet, CPC, The Growth Coach of Metro Atlanta

Kim Ellet is a certified professional coach and owner of The Growth Coach of Metro Atlanta. She finds joy in helping successful leaders committed to continuous improvement, be more of who they are, dream bigger dreams, and accomplish more than they realized was possible. www.TheGrowthCoachATL.com

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