25 Aug 2020

We seem to be in this “new paradigm” with the world feeling upside down this year – and for much longer than any of us expected! In previous discussions we have looked at resilience as an attribute that must be practiced, building it like a muscle. In our current situation, however, much more is required than just short spurts of energy that resilience suggests. While some may use the...

14 Feb 2020

The Power of the Group
Recently I spoke with a business owner who returned from a snow-mobiling vacation with a large group of friends and colleagues. He commented that he didn’t need to go to the gym, because he got his best ab workout from all the laughter they shared over their several days together. That group dynamic takes FUN to the next level in our personal lives and is also exceptionally valuable for ...

15 Jan 2020

Business Lessons from The Rose Parade
I had the very fortunate opportunity to attend the 131st Annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena this year! The Parade theme this year was “2020 The Power of Hope.” Not only was it a fantastic way to celebrate New Years Day with dear friends, it was also impressive to see the history and innovation that have kept The Rose Parade relevant and thriving as an iconic New Year’s traditi...

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