29 Apr 2021

Cultural Mastery
An effective leader in the current landscape of pandemic after-shock, social justice unrest, and heightened corporate scrutiny must excel in finding common ground. The best leaders are not only open to but are truly committed to learning new skills and thought processes to help bring people together. Just as shifts in growing a business require changes in skill sets, perspectives and min...

29 Mar 2021

I recently had a captivating discussion with Atlanta business leader, Todd Youngblood, on the Willful Impact podcast. We talked about how core values and the perspectives we take can shift the way we do business, perhaps in ways we may not have seen coming. Take a listen and reach out to me with your experiences in shifting perspectives. by Kim Ellet, CPC, CMM Kim Ellet uses her u...

15 Feb 2021

Cultural Diversity and Mastery
What if each month we chose a different culture to educate ourselves about and to celebrate? We may ask ourselves, “why is this important?” Well, we learn more about ourselves while we learn about other cultures and communities. It helps us develop soft skills, like understanding, inclusion, open-mindedness, empathy, compassion, while we learn about the history and cultures of others. Le...

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