Cultural Diversity and Mastery

15 Feb 2021

Business Growth from Celebrating Others

What if each month we chose a different culture to educate ourselves about and to celebrate? We may ask ourselves, “why is this important?” Well, we learn more about ourselves while we learn about other cultures and communities. It helps us develop soft skills, like understanding, inclusion, open-mindedness, empathy, compassion, while we learn about the history and cultures of others. Learning about other cultures also helps bring us closer together with employees and customers.

This month is Black History Month. There is much to learn, understand, appreciate, and celebrate about African American culture that has not been widely taught in mainstream educational systems or the media. I encourage you to take some time this month to expand your horizons and be open to learning from a new perspective. Here are some fantastic resources to get started or continue your education:

Cobb Collaborative
The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery, by Ricardo Gonzalez

Compilation of books, videos, and articles

Learning about significant historical events and leaders, the food and musical preferences and influences, family structures and values, the way decisions are made in other cultures, are a few important elements to expanding our cultural awareness and to bringing us closer together. How can you incorporate the cultures of your team and your customers into your company’s vision and practices? Contact me for more information on Cultural Mastery in the workplace. If you would like to assess your level of cultural health and skill, please go to the following web page: When asked for a CODE please use: CMKE.

by Kim Ellet, CPC, CMM

Kim Ellet uses her unique approach and experience to inspire leaders and organizations who are committed to continuous improvement and professional growth beyond the usual limits. She has earned her Certification in Cultural Mastery (CMM) and her Certified Professional Coach credential (CPC.) Coach Kim is the owner of the Atlanta office of The Growth Coach.

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