06 Mar 2018

3 Steps to Get Your Business Back on Track

March is a good time for a re-boot. When you leave your computer in “hibernate” for days on end rather than logging off, eventually you have to do a full re-boot and usually navigate some error messages as well. It’s like that for business owners too.  The longer you go without a constructive pause for reflection, re-evaluating, or rest, the more likely you are to get off-track.  Now is a good time for a “re-boot” for your business and the “new year.”

Here are 3 steps to help you get back on track:

  1. Connect to Your Genius. In his book, The Big Leap, Dr. Gay Hendricks challenges us to discover the difference between operating at a level of competence or mere excellence rather than optimizing our maximum potential. Getting crystal clear about what you love to do, what produces the most satisfaction and abundance in your life, and uncovering YOUR unique ability are the first steps to connecting to your Genius Zone. Think of the difference between the successful Computer IT Consultant who helps his customer solve problems – and Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates. One is not better than the other, yet this may be an example of Excellence vs. Genius.
  2. Reflect. Research shows that reaching the upper levels of success is tied to deep thinking, reflecting, and planning. In addition to reflecting on priorities, it’s imperative to face the reality of your situation. What are the obstacles, time-sucks, and difficult-to-face limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and off-track? I talk with many business owners who fall into the “busy-being-busy” trap. Often, they resist taking the time to look at the habits, behavior, and belief changes they can make to transform their business and life. They play small and do what they have always done. I help them shift into new ways of thinking and behavioral patterns, so they can achieve their goals.
  3. Recommit to Your Business and Yourself! Decide that you are ready to get back on track and get into action! That may sound simple, yet it takes tremendous discipline to override bad habits and off-track patterns. Start with even one new action toward your goals and focus until complete. I encourage you to be bold with your commitments and jump in with both feet. Working with an accountability partner or coach will help push you to keep your commitments to yourself and your business.

It’s not too late for a re-boot and getting 2018 back on track. Remember, you can do this – if you decide to and stick with it!

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by Kim Ellet, CPC, The Growth Coach of Metro Atlanta

Kim Ellet is a certified professional coach and owner of The Growth Coach of Metro Atlanta. She finds joy in helping successful leaders committed to continuous improvement, be more of who they are, dream bigger dreams, and accomplish more than they realized was possible. www.TheGrowthCoachATL.com

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