05 Jul 2010

During the last 90 days or so, I have been spending lots of quality time with my son playing baseball and tennis, to name a few activities.  I have also faithfully taken my wife out on a date once a week.  However, my 15-year old daughter has been quite busy with her select volleyball team and also going out a lot with her friends.  In my heart, I knew I needed to spend more time with he...

01 Jul 2010

What is your most effective and cost efficient way to earn new clients/customers? Odds are your answer was REFERRALS. For The Growth Coach franchise system, for example, the #1 source of business coaching clients throughout North America is from referrals…referrals from current coaching clients, prospects, and referral sources like CPAs, bankers, attorneys, financial planners, etc. For m...

28 Jun 2010

There are many good reasons for starting your own business: pursue your passion, serve others, make a difference, create something new and better, prove others wrong, control your destiny, determine your income level, be your own boss, test yourself, and on and on. However, let’s not forget a major reason … to one day sell your business for a fortune. That's how substantial wealth is cre...

24 Jun 2010

The older I get, the more I enjoy watching baseball at all levels…youth, college, and professional.  Not sure why that is.  Maybe I simply appreciate the nuances and the difficulty of the game more, or that it demands both team and individual performances, or that it’s a slower-paced game allowing players to face mental demons and coaches to strategize.  Additionally, this wonderful spor...

21 Jun 2010

Business owner, what business are you in?  What did you say?  Did you respond by saying the industry or technical nature of your business?  Or did you respond by the type of work you do?  For example, if you own a painting business, did you automatically respond with “painting” or “painter”?  If so, that’s limited and technical thinking.  As such, you may well be limiting the growth and ...

17 Jun 2010

Sarah Needleman, small business reporter and columnist at The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), did a fantastic job with a very relevant and meaningful topic for small business owners … how to pick your second-in-command. Every small business owner at one time or another has felt overworked, overwhelmed and like a prisoner to their business.  Most owners eventually hit a wall but only the wise ...

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