10 Sep 2021

Incredible Growth Coach Corey Frasure Shares His “Five Mind Shifts to Increase Your Success”

The recent Tokyo Olympics showed everyone how an athlete’s mental state could affect their performance. Athletes and businesspeople face the same pressures – finances, others’ expectations, and their own mental states. Like an athlete’s coach assists them in navigating these pressures, a business coach helps an owner or manager through the pressures inherent in running a company.

Here’s how Corey helps his clients shift their mindsets to increase their success:

1. Visualize a Goal Tied to an Emotion

According to him, “People remember better how they feel when something happens – good or bad. Therefore, your goal must be tied to a positive emotion.

Every morning I visualize myself accomplishing a monetary goal and how reaching that goal will make me proud and full of gratitude because I’m providing a better life for my kids and me.”

Research shows that visualization works. One of the best resources to demonstrate the power of visualization and positive emotions is Napoleon Hill’s 1925 classic, The Law of Success. Based on interviews with more than 100 American millionaires of the day, it’s a powerful guide to banish negative emotions like fear and replace them with positive ones.

2. “Tell Yourself You Will Be Successful. A Lot.”

“Our brains are hardwired to keep us safe. But this also means our brain prevents us from trying new things and taking risks. So we must defeat the negativity that our minds generate.

Writing, reading, and repeating a catchphrase like, ‘I am becoming more successful in business and relationships,’ every day, many times a day, keeps me in a good mental state. When negative thoughts creep in, the phrase refocuses me into a positive one. This mantra isn’t tied to a specific goal. Rather, it’s a self-inspiration of my aspirations. Thinking, hearing, saying, writing, and seeing are processed by our brains in different ways that all reinforce each other,” explained Corey.

3. Give More Than Expected

This can be tricky because many people think this means charging less than something is worth or including extra services. But that’s not what giving more than expected means.

Edwin Barnes wanted to be in business with inventor Thomas Edison but had no money, ideas, or particular skills. He talked his way into a meeting with Edison, who was impressed with Barnes’ willingness to do whatever it took to make his dream come true. Edison gave him an entry-level job. But working for Edison wasn’t Barnes’ goal. Then Barnes saw an opportunity, becoming highly successful in selling Edison’s dictation machine that other salesmen didn’t want to sell. He got an exclusive contract to market and distributed the ‘Ediphone.’ Barnes achieved his goal of being in business with Edison, not just working for him. He earned a fortune because he went above and beyond what was expected.

Many people do the minimum, and many are successful. But people are more successful when they go beyond. They get noticed. They become more valuable to their clients, who in turn refer them to others. They also become more valuable to their employees, who see them as role models.

4. Control Fear

“If you’ve read the classic sci-fi novel Dune by Frank Herbert, you know the litany against fear:

‘I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.’

The novel’s young protagonist learns that one can consciously control fear and act from a place without it. For example, some business owners suffer from imposter syndrome, fearing that they aren’t qualified or smart enough to run the business. When faced with a new and unfamiliar task, fear tells your brain that you’ll look stupid, be humiliated, or worse, will literally die. This simply isn’t true. Instead, your brain is protecting you from what it understands as harm.

You must actively choose to ignore your brain and control its fears. Otherwise, negativity takes over and prevents you from acting,” says Corey.

5. Never Quit. Change Tactics

He said, “You won’t be successful every time, in everything. But eventually, you will if you continue forward. And you won’t if you quit. Pivot instead.”

Here’s another Thomas Edison example. When asked why he didn’t quit after many (99, 700, 10,000?) failed attempts to invent the lightbulb, he said he hadn’t failed. ‘I found many ways that didn’t work.’

Edison changed his tactics until he found a way that worked. That’s the real lesson of never quitting – find a new tactic. How foreign that concept is to many! When one tactic isn’t successful, they feel defeated. Instead, take a new look at the goal, figure out another, different tactic, and push ahead.

“Let me help you change your mindset and refocus your brain on your goals. Schedule a no-obligation call now to see if we’re a good fit. From our first talk, you’ll be able to start making and seeing change. I guarantee it.” – Corey Frasure.

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