03 Jun 2021

Corey Frasure’s 4 Effective Steps on How to Beat the Business Owner Blues

“If you feel like you’ve given up your free time, aren’t being compensated appropriately, or believe you’re stuck making little progress toward your business goals, you might have the business owner blues. And I see it all the time in my coaching practice.”

Corey’s clients come to him because they want their lives back. But they also need their business to succeed so they can reach their monetary and personal goals. That’s why they became the boss in the first place, right?

Somewhere along the way, though, they gave up the idea that they deserved to be fairly compensated for the long hours they spend at the office. The hours away from their family and friends and pleasurable pursuits of the past. Instead, they feel like a prison to their business, chained to the desk dealing with every bit of detail. They don’t see how all their time is bringing them closer to their goals.

The business owner blues take a toll. Owners and leaders can feel lost and without direction. Certainly, frustration and stress mount when they miss a family event, special occasion, or simply aren’t fully present because they think about work problems. “I have clients who tell me that they never stop to realize they’ve been running a successful business despite their proven track record.” They still feel like failures. They have forgotten or didn’t realize that they cannot BE the business and still be successful.

Corey’s mission as a coach is to help business leaders build more successful businesses and build more balanced lives. He gives clients a reality check that holds them accountable to the goals they’ve said they want to achieve. Together, they uncover their opportunities for business growth.

“So how do I help them beat the blues?”

Here are Corey’s four practical steps on how to beat business blues:

1. Think Strategically

First, they go through Corey’s Strategic Mindset® process, a system that helps them step back from the business to see the whole picture. Only then can they create a plan that addresses the challenges, puts systems into place, and builds a roadmap toward the future. “Our goal is to examine the good and bad of the business – what’s working and what’s not.” And overall, for them to be truthful about what they really want. Without doing this step, they can’t achieve their real goals – feeling like they have a rich, full life with confidence that they’re fairly rewarded for the dedication and sacrifices they’ve made.

2. Recognize Strengths & Weaknesses

The next step is they take a long, hard look at their strengths and weaknesses. They are not interested in blaming them for not being good at everything they do – no one can be. Instead, they want to leverage strengths and shore up weaknesses. Learning how to do this usually means finding other resources to handle tasks they either don’t like or aren’t good at.

For example, “I’m not a numbers guy. Sure, I know my way around a spreadsheet, but I hate doing it. So I hired a bookkeeper. I immediately had more time to concentrate on growing my business and serving my clients.”

Unfortunately, too many leaders think they need to do every little task in their business, whether they like them or have a talent for them. When my clients change their mindset to realize that they’re better off concentrating on the things they are good at and get help for the other stuff, the whole world opens up.

3. Prioritize and Strategize

Now they can focus on the top priorities that require their attention and leave the other stuff to someone else. This mindset shift – learning to change the way they look at their business, it’s the challenges – means they’re working smarter, not harder. Strategically and in service of their larger goals, not just on what’s presented to them at the moment.

Corey recalled, “I have a client who is a general contractor. One day, one of their employees needed help in the field. As the owner, he thought he needed to get out there. Instead, I reminded him that as the owner, his job was to find his employees the resources they needed, not be out doing their work. This reminder immediately refocused him back on his priorities – growing the business while making sure his people had what they needed.”

4. Accountability

Corey’s Strategic Mindset® process is crucial in guiding his clients intentionally and confidentially as they create effective business practices. Holding them accountable to their vision and goals and how they tie together is an essential ingredient that’s often missing for them. In fact, he is so confident that this proven program will help clients become the successful, strategic business owners and leaders they envisioned themselves to be when they started, Corey offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

“By the way, I love nothing more than working myself out of a job. When clients transform into running the business instead of it running them, I rejoice. When they realize that they have reached the point where they have time for the things in life they wanted – family, friends, hobbies, volunteering, travel – I have the satisfaction of knowing they don’t need me anymore.”

Want to learn more on how to beat the business owner blues? Schedule a no-obligation call to Corey Frasure here to see if they’re a good fit. Also, follow him on Instagram, @growthcoachabq

“From our first talk, you’ll be able to start making and seeing change. I guarantee it!”

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