Corey Frasure – Your Growth Coach

I had a conversation with a woman business owner that had gone to all of her friends for business growth advice before being sent to me. She wanted to take her business from a hobby business to a profit-generating business. Together we worked through her mindset and business challenges and she was able to quickly 10X her business.

Do you:

  • Crave more free time and flexibility vs. being a slave to your business?
  • Feel you are working too much and still not earning what you want?
  • Experience overwhelm and “I’m not getting anything of value done?”
  • Constantly operate in problem-solving mode?

When you are in the weeds running your business, it is hard to think about strategic planning and business development. I want to help you step back and evaluate your business, create a plan for improvement and then be accountable for that plan. You cannot BE the business and have it be successful. Together, we can uncover your opportunities for business growth.

In the military, I worked with public safety during disasters. I did not have the luxury of focusing on one or two small problems – I had to be able to look at the whole situation and find the most effective ways to address multiple problems at once for the best possible outcome.

That is at the core of what we do at The Growth Coach. Our programs are about helping you step back from the business and allowing you to see the full picture, create a plan that addresses the challenges, put systems into place, and build a sustainable roadmap forward.

I can help you with:

  • Strategic Business Growth
  • Building High-Performance Teams
  • Sales Mastery
  • Develop your Managerial Leadership
  • Smart Time Management
  • Maximize Employee Performance
  • Systems & Process Improvement

We do this through One: One, Group, and Hybrid Coaching Programs. What sets our coaching apart is accountability and sustainable improvement. My background is deep and diverse giving me a solid foundation in Sales, Leadership, Communication, IT Management; just to hit the highlights.

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