10 Oct 2013

4 Steps to Effective Sales Communication


Every entrepreneur has to be a good salesperson. From pitching to investors to selling your product or service, getting people to understand the value you provide is a never-ending task. Of course not every great technician or business manager is a great sales person – so what do you do?

First, let’s look at how you’re selling right now:

On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being excellent, how would you rate your selling abilities? What about your confidence, effectiveness and success rate? If you have a sales team within your business, how well are they doing? Be honest with yourself on the number you decide – being honest about where you are will help you make the best improvements!

Now that you’ve decided where you are on the sales skills scale, take a step back. Anyone can improve in the sales arena, but if you are at a 7 or below, there’s a great opportunity for growth. And, of course, more sales means more success for you and your business.

The key to being an effective sales person always starts with communication. Consider this four-part process:

1. Establish trust between you and the person you’re selling to.

2. Ask meaningful questions to gain vital insight into what the other person needs and wants.

3. Share relevant information about the products, services and solutions you provide.

4. Reach an agreement on how to proceed.

This four-part process is often called READ: Relate, Establish needs, Advance solutions and Determine the next step. When selling is done right, both parties should come out better post-sale. The person receives a needed product or service and you make a sale. It should always be about helping people define or achieve a better future.

If you need a little help working on your communication skills or selling in general, look into The Growth Coach’s Sales Mastery program: http://www.thegrowthcoach.com/Programs/BusinessCoachingServices/SalesMastery/tabid/19709/Default.aspx. This proven program is available through Growth Coaches across North America!

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