04 Jan 2013

15 Ways to Make the Most of your Published Articles

Newspaper StackWhen articles about your business are published, they provide a long-term opportunity for profit, if leveraged correctly. Using correctly the materials you have available can turn a published article into hundreds and even thousands of dollars in profit through credibility, visibility and new business. It gets your name out there and let’s your customers and prospects know your a business that can be trusted. Here are 15 ways to make the most of your published articles:

  1. Create a mailing list including existing clients or customers, prospective customers and any referral sources you might have. Send physical copies of the articles to these key people.
  2. Post the column title and the publication date on your company website. If the article is online, include a link to the webpage.
  3. Have plenty of copies available in your place of business. Hand these out to referral sources and prospective customers.
  4. Include a digital version of the article in your e-newsletters and emailing lists.
  5. When attempting to publish additional articles, provide a copy of  any others you have to build your credibility. This demonstrates that you’re a published and proven columnist.
  6. Add any and all articles to your marketing portfolio.
  7. Ask your customers to forward the article on to any vendors, suppliers and customers they have in their own businesses.
  8. Use the article in an email campaign.
  9. If you have a strategic alliance partner, share it with them so that they can distribute it to their clients and at events.
  10. Submit a copy of the article to organizations you work with, such as vendors for inclusion in their publications, newsletters and e-mails.
  11. If you belong to an alumni organization, submit the article for their newsletters and publications.
  12. If you are a member of a Chamber, ask them to send out the article in their newsletters
  13. Ask any banks or credit unions you are associated with to include it in their statements to customers.
  14. Buy an acrylic brochure stand and fill it with copies of your article. Display it at your office but also at other local businesses such as Office Depot and Staples.
  15. Bring copies to distribute at local trade shows.

With the right strategies and proper leverage, you can transform a single article into huge profits and plenty of new business. If you haven’t published any articles yet, it’s never to late to begin working on building your public relations portfolio. Turn PR into profits with these simple leveraging tips.

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