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The Growth Coach® provides strategic, on-going coaching to business owners, professionals and executives. Our coaching programs are proven and effective. Our clients are taught how to work smarter, not harder. In the end, our clients achieve greater success, balance and personal fulfillment.
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You're the expert in your business. We're the expert in helping our clients enhance their STRATEGIC MINDSET® and focus. The Growth Coach® helps you concentrate your focus, energy and efforts on high-priority, high-value actions.  

Upcoming Workshops & Seminars

Small Business Workshop
Tuesday, April 30th
North Augusta Chamber Conference Room
406 West Avenue (parking in rear)
Ken Kehr, head coach with The Growth Coach, presents an exclusive Business Growth Workshop that will help you with four of the biggest issues in business management:
  • Allocation of Time - Having enough time to do everything effectively that we need to in order to be successful. Confusing activity with accomplishment; working on low-value "stuff"; never slowing down to think & plan.
  • People Stuff- Finding and Keeping Good People, Improving Performance, Creating a Culture of Accountability, Using Metrics to improve performance.
  • Business Growth- Having the right strategies in place to generate enough "Qualified Leads" and then converting those leads to "Paying Clients"
  • Cash Flow- How do I grow the top line revenues? How do I manage my costs? How do I keep more of the money I make?

Space is limited.  Registration REQUIRED!
Strategic Mindset Workshop
Thursday,  March 27th, 2013
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
W.R. Toole Engineers
1005 Broad Street, Suite 300
Augusta, GA 30901
The Strategic Mindset workshop will provide business development and strategic focusing coaching/accountability processes to you and your business. The small group sessions will coach the participants to work less ‘in’ the business and more ‘on’ the business and their lives. In the end, the participant will be more focused, effective, and strategic. In turn, this will help them make more money, work less, and enjoy a richer, more balanced life. 
  • Enable participants to think and act as a Strategic Business Owner
  • Help participants adopt more effective beliefs, habits, and strategies
  • Provide a process to enable participants to identify business and personal goals
  • Hold participants accountable for taking action required to achieve their goals
  • Improve participants’ understanding of building blocks of business development
  • Help participants understand client issues and customer service requirements
  • Provide a framework for a strategic sales process
  • Coach participants to leverage marketing practices to achieve business growth
  • Assist participants to excel at leadership, not doer-ship
  • Help create a corporate vision that will excite the team
  • Provide a process to participants to effectively manage their greatest asset – their people
  • Help the participant(s) develop clarity of direction for the company by developing a simple business plan and accountability process
  • Furnish the participant(s) a process to help systematize the business by creating, documenting, and improving all key business processes, procedures and policies
  • Coach the participant(s) how to document the business, train others, effectively delegate, and remove the participant(s) from the technical trenches
  • Work with participant(s) to learn to let go and enjoy life – to trust systems, people and leadership talents

Limited Seating - Please RSVP
Call 706.724.7245

About your coaches

Kenneth E. Kehr, Jr.

Ken Kehr is a life-long resident of North Augusta and has four children. He is a member of American Legion Post 71, Downtown Augusta Alliance and a Rotarian. He is an active volunteer with Mercy Ministries, Stop Hunger Now, Salvation Army and Megiddo Dream Station where he is a member of the Advisory Board. Ken attends Grace Methodist Church and The Salvation Army Church. Ken is also a member of Aiken, North Augusta, Metro Augusta and Columbia County Chambers of Commerce. He is on the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce's Workforce & Education Committee, a North Augusta Chamber Ambassador and a Director on the Board of Directors.
With a management degree from USC and 37 years in the business information management system's industry, Ken is an experienced business analyst, systems analyst, sales manager, operations manager and business manager with a proven track record of delivering results. He has helped build three small companies from the ground up. Two of those companies were acquired by publicly held companies where Ken worked in senior management positions in national and international sales management. Ken has an outstanding track record of success in leading diverse teams. He has a record of high performance, is recognized as a top sales producer and has been a recipient of numerous awards and commendations.
Ken left the corporate world in 2011 to open WYNID Management Resources, LLC to help small to medium size business owners, managers and sales professionals increase profitability through improved individual and team productivity. He ensures that clients know what they need to know, think the way they need to think and do what they need to do to be successful. In January 2012, Ken purchased The Growth Coach® franchise for the CSRA to bring powerful, proven, guaranteed, and nationally recognized business and sales coaching services to local businesses. Renowned for his partnering skills, He is adept at helping clients prioritize requirements, develop action plans and then implement those action plans to get the desired and necessary results. Ken is committed to making a positive difference in our community.

Michael Huber

Mike Huber has a degree in accounting and a MBA. Mike has been in business for over 25 years assisting small and medium sized businesses.  He can help your business navigate the sometimes complicated maze of marketing to design an inexpensive yet extremely effective marketing plan.  

What Clients are saying

I am working less and less "in" the business and more and more "on" the business. I have been able to leverage the talent of the people I am surrounded with towards my personal goal to have an asset that serves me, not a job that I serve.
  • YTD sales are up 256% over last year - Flat out, it works!
  • I am able to walk away at the end of the day, and forget the work. I have many people helping me, and that gives me peace.
  • I value the quarterly session and the time I spend thinking strategically - it is my personal retreat.

The Growth Coach is a great investment of time and money. My wife thinks so too because this process reminds me of my priorities which puts her way ahead of my business.
Mike M., Home Improvement Services

I now only do things I need to and have hired an administrative assistant to do the others. In the first year, with the help of The Growth Coach, we increased production by 38% over the prior year. Now, production has increased two-fold. In streamlining our processes and implementing the marketing plan I developed during my Growth Coach session, the outlook is very promising.
Donald L., Financial Advisor

Our year to date sales volume has increased 500% over last year and profits have increased over 400%. We have been recognized as top listing or sales agents in our office three of the last five months! The best part is that I am now spending my time working in the aspects of my business that I truly enjoy, rather than being bogged down by administrative clutter.
I thought that I had a pretty good understanding of business management, leverage, and sales strategies before Growth Coach, however, your coaching process has brought us to a completely new level regarding the ways that we practically implement these concepts in our business planning.
Shane K., Realtor

I was looking for a solution that would enable me to make significant personal and professional progress when I became aware of the Growth Coach "Accountability Process". I have participated in this simple yet effective process for about a year and can state without reservation that their program produces fantastic results! My exposure to their coaching program has helped me identify and develop new revenue streams for our business that will put us on track for our best year since our consulting practice was founded!! The ideas, information and proven process they have mastered has helped me achieve greater balance in my life.
Jerome H., Business Consulting Services

The concepts learned have given me the confidence to begin thinking like a CEO. I have implemented processes and standards that have allowed my organization to run more smoothly. This has allowed me to "get out of the details" and focus on the more important issues. Our revenues are up 30% while our expenses have remained steady. This has allowed our profitability to increase nicely. Before beginning the program, I was working at least 2 hours every evening following dinner. I would then work at least 4 - 6 hours on Saturday and sometimes Sunday. Since I started the program I have not worked a single weekend and only rarely during the evenings.
Phil S., Technology Company

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