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Your Coach: Gamaliel Malave
Owner and Head Coach of The Growth Coach in Puerto Rico

Gamaliel is a Certified Coach and Trainer with over 19 years of experience in Human Resources, Operations and Supply Chain. His educational background includes a B.A. in Industrial Management and an MBA from the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez. Within his professional experience, Gamaliel has held several leadership positions in the regulated Medical Devises and Pharmaceutical Industry and has served as a speaker for professional, social and student organizations. He is an advocate of Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship, has a passion for Talent and is an evangelist of the Coaching Revolution driven by The Growth Coach PR to Significantly Transform Lives and Businesses around the World… ONE Community at a time.

Throughout his career he has completed several prestigious certifications and trainings including:

 - Certified Strategic Mindset Process Facilitator by The Growth Coach 
 - Human Resources, SPHR 
 - Leadership, Customer Service and Sales Program Facilitator for Achieve Global 
 - Training Manager/Director Certification by Langevin 
 - Kepner & Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Analysis Trainer 
 - ICF Certified Coaching Program 
 - DISC and Strength Finder Profile 
 - Adult Learning Principles 
 - Instructional Design 
 - Gallup’s Talent Interview and Great Managers Program 
 - Mediation of Conflict 
 - Human Error 
 - Conducting Internal Investigations 
 - Lean/Six Sigma 
 - ISO 9000 Lead Auditor 

For over a decade, The Growth Coach® has specialized in helping business owners, managers and sales professionals find greater success and more balance in their lives through a unique coaching and accountability process: The Strategic Mindset®.

We are committed to helping you gain clarity of direction, confidently leverage your strengths and reach your untapped potential. Our program forces you to reflect, think and plan – essential components for professional and personal growth.

Just as athletes rely on a coach to reach their full potential, a business coach provides the processes, objective guidance and accountability to help you elevate your performance.

Challenge yourself to embrace change, take charge and drive results.

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Gamaliel Malave


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